Water Total Hardness Test Strips 100ct | 99% Accuracy Hard Water Testing Kit with 0–25 GPG Optimized Range | Calcium & Magnesium Tester for Water Softener, Aquarium, Pool, Spa, Drinking & Well Water


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Brand: life2O


  • 💧 [PROFESSIONAL GRADE] Our Water Dip-Stick Test Strips, with 99% High Accuracy Color Pads, Are a Rapid, Reliable & Cost Effective way to Measure Water Hardness | FREE e-Book Included :: life2O Water Parameters Guide.
  • 💧 [ARE YOU SAFE?] Hard Water Can: Damage Home Appliances & Heating Systems; Cause Ugly Limescale Stains; Dry Out Healthy Hair & Skin; Ruin Water Taste; Create Fish Stress; Harm Garden Plants & Hydroponics Harvest.
  • 💧 [CHECK YOUR WATER NOW] 100 Test Strips Included to Test Your Home, RV, Boat, Fresh-Water or Salt-Water Aquariums & Pools. Make Sure Your Water Softener & Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is Working.
  • 💧 [WE ARE EPA WATER EXPERTS] Ask Our Dedicated Team Anything About Your Water (24/7 Email Support). Enjoy the Benefits of Clean Water: Soft Towels & Laundry, Spotless Dishes & Glassware, Cheap Heating Bills and Soft & Shiny Hair.
  • 💧 [EASY TO USE] Simple Instructions with Dip & Read Visual Results in 60 Seconds. Straightforward Color Chart, Scale for Soft, Medium & Hard Water. Total Hardness Measured in 0 – 25 Grains per Gallon (GPG) and 0 – 425 mg/L (PPM).

model number: 1530091000

Part Number: 1530091000

Details: life2O Water Total Hardness Test Strips are Ideal for Professional & Home Use: drinking water, well water, tap water, pools, hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzi, aquariums, aqua-culture, water softener, water treatment, water filter, industrial processes, cafes, restaurants, hotels & educational science experiments life2O Water Test Strip: Total Hardness Range: Water Total Hardness 0 – 25 GPG / 0 – 425 mg/L (PPM) Soft Water :: Below 3 GPG or 50 mg/L (PPM) Hard Water :: 3 – 15 GPG or 50 – 250 mg/L (PPM) Very Hard Water :: Above 15 GPG or 250 mg/L (PM) Benefits of Checking Your Water: 💧 Peace of mind that you are using the best water quality 💧 Reduce the operating costs of your pool, hot tub & spa 💧 Protect the health of fish, aquatic life and aqua-culture 💧 Shield your home and investmentS from the bad effects of hard water 💧 Make sure your water filter & water softening systems are working properly 💧 Increase production of hydroponics & gardening by water quality monitoring 💧 Live a better, healthier & longer life! Our Advantages: 💧 Measures EPA and WHO Standards 💧 CE & Plumber Approved 💧 NextGen Color pads with 99% high accuracy ratings 💧 Long shelf life: 2 years unopened – 90 days after opening 💧 Dark, sealed, anti-moisture bottle 💧 Leaflet with large color chart Directions: 1. Immerse the strip into the water sample for 1-2 seconds, then remove 2. Hold the strip horizontally so the color pad does not bleed onto itself 3. Match the color on the strip with the color on the bottle label (read the results 60 seconds after contact with sample) Disclaimer: Our water test strips are developed for multi-use which may not be sensitive enough for trace amounts of elements. For an in-depth analysis, please seek professional lab testing.

EAN: 8698734692480

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.9 x 1.8 inches

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